Wednesday 240717

For time:
100 strict handstand push-ups

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Today’s workout is a single-modality gymnastics effort. More advanced athletes should challenge their muscular stamina and move through the reps as quickly as possible. Less-experienced athletes who have the capacity to perform a few strict handstand push-ups should look to accumulate as many as possible in a 15-minute window. Athletes without the capacity to perform strict handstand push-ups should choose modifications that work overhead pressing strength (e.g., handstand push-up negatives — no more than 30 today — standing or seated dumbbell shoulder presses, piked push-ups, or push-ups).

Intermediate option:
Complete as many reps as possible in 15 minutes:
Strict handstand push-ups

Beginner option:
For time:

30 standing dumbbell shoulder presses
30 push-ups from the knees (as needed)

♀ 15 lb
♂ 20 lb

Coaching cues:
Just as your feet generally point forward in a squat, your hands should generally point forward in the handstand push-up. The hands may turn out slightly, as often do the feet in a squat, but aim to point your fingers toward the wall with thumbs toward each other to maximize balance and strength throughout each rep.

The Strict Handstand Push-Up
Handstand Push-Up Variations
HSPU and You: Master the Movement

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  • Cheryl Nasso
    Cheryl Nasso
    2020 CFG Place: -
    2020 Open Place: -
    2019 CFG Place: 40
    United States
    34 Age
    5'4" Height
    125 lbs Weight
  • Nicole Pettel
    Nicole Pettel
    2020 CFG Place: -
    2020 Open Place: -
    2019 CFG Place: 64
    27 Age
    5'3" Height
    150 lbs Weight