About Us

Alex Bykov (the smart one) and Ryan Tweedy (the beautiful one) are both avid CrossFitters. Their skill sets lay somewhere in the middle ground, 6 minute Fran times and 400 pound deadlifts.

But that’s not why we’re here.

Both A-Train and Tweedy are consumers of CrossFit media in every form. Whether it’s looking at the pretty pictures on Instagram, watching Rich Froning row for 20 minutes on YouTube, or trying to guess Tia Toomey’s weight – they do it all.

One thing they hate is having to click a bunch of links and travel all over the internet. I mean, that can take minutes. Minutes that they don’t have. As we all know, One minute is the difference between second place or 17th place. So Mr. B (that stands for Bykov) and Mr. T (this one stands for Tweedy) decided that they would take everything CrossFit and put it in one spot. It only makes sense. It’s the natural progression.

Think about it, putting the ski erg next to the pull-up bar can only make your WOD faster. That’s what we did, we just made your WOD (in this instance, WOD equals searching for things on the internet) faster. You’re welcome.

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Alex Bykov is a Web Developer by trade who has always looked for ways to combine his passions for CrossFit with his professional skills. Alex started CrossFit about 3 years ago to keep up with his kids and loved it so much he never looked back. In his nerdier days,  A-Train also designed board games and card games for various companies. Check out his work at AlexByDesigns.

Ryan Tweedy is a Los Angeles based video editor who has worked with companies such as Fullscreen, Disney, College Humor, Sony, TBS, Miramax, Sky Bound and many, many others. He is also a podcast producer and on air talent for great Podcasts such as “The Big Red Cobcast” and a CrossFit based podcast “After The Time Cap”. Being from Nebraska he is a die-hard Husker fan.

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