Calling All Crossfit Bloggers, Writers and Humorists!

Bloggers Wanted!

Attention! Attention! Please put down your kettlebell! I have an offer you can’t refuse. WE ARE LOOKING FOR BLOGGERS JUST LIKE YOU!

We wan-, NO, we need you – a strong, smart, talented, opinionated, loud, rebellious, calm, and/or silly woman or man that loves to write. Do you ever find yourself saying, “Man, I can write better than anybody alive” or “Writing? I mean, how easy is that?” Then this is the perfect opportunity that you SHOULD NOT pass up.

Crossfit Fix is an upstart, Crossfit-centric website that is attempting to bring the functional fitness community together in one place.

Think of us as a celebration of all things health. Like a nutritionist for your eyes.

Here are some examples of blog posts that we have been creating so far:

  1. WOD is Alex Thinking?
  2. #RyansMidlifeCrisis
  3. How To Become The Fittest In The World… For Halloween

Think you can write as perfectly as we do? Because we are perfect and demand perfection. Well… we DEMAND that at least most of the words are spelled corectly. Sorry, I meant correctly.

If you want to reach out to us and have an idea for a one-off post or a weekly series then go ahead and contact us at the form below.


Crossfit Fix

P.S. Not to make this weird but Mat Fraser personally told me that he wants you to be a blogger with us. So, there’s that.


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