1871: The Connection Between Increased Hunger & Muscle Growth, How to Train a Muscle You DON’T Want to Grow, the Benefits of Unilateral Training & More (Listener Live Coaching)

In this episode of Quah (Q & A), Sal, Adam & Justin coach four Pump Heads via Zoom.

  • Mind Pump Fit Tip: What you TRAIN, you STRENGTHEN! (3:12)
  • Your parents’ generation was just DIFFERENT. (11:06)
  • Is Gen Z forcing social media to evolve? (17:26)
  • Resolving your marital disputes was different in medieval times. (25:56)
  • The origins behind the saying “Jack of all trades, master of none.” (27:20)
  • Vuori got the guys looking ‘professional’ on camera. (31:36)
  • The media is a propaganda machine. (33:32)
  • Butcher Box has a YouTube page! (39:30)
  • Vegans need to relax! (42:12)
  • #ListenerLive question #1 – How would you recommend I incorporate MAPS Symmetry into my workout while also including some days for muscle building but not overtraining? (50:17)
  • #ListenerLive question #2 – Can I skip or replace bicep curls, shrugs, and calf raises in MAPS programs if they are not my target muscle groups? (56:29)
  • #ListenerLive question #3 – Would MAPS Symmetry accelerate me back to where I was pre-break to then work the same intensity as before in the program? (1:06:09)
  • #ListenerLive question #4 – Could my increased hunger be a sign of building muscle? (1:13:38)

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