1994: The Mineral Deficiency That Can Cause Horrible Sleep, Headaches & Fatigue, What to Do When Cutting Alcohol Doesn’t Seem to Improve Fat Loss, the Truth About Rounded Back Deadlifting & More (Listener Live Coaching)

In this episode of Quah (Q & A), Sal, Adam & Justin coach four Pump Heads via Zoom.

  • Mind Pump Fit Tip: Start focusing on building the muscle and then switch programs to take advantage of novelty. (1:48)
  • Mind Pump Kitchen: Sal’s schnitzel featuring Butcher Box’s heritage pork. (9:50)
  •  How quickly things can compound. (12:59)
  • Sportsball with Mind Pump. (17:51)
  •  When the old becomes cool again with the youth. (21:42)
  •  Divorce statistics and common lies. (23:03)
  • Why we protect the Delta smelt. (35:27)
  • Sending love to those effected by the California flooding. (39:36)
  •  A single dose of testosterone increases sexual impulsivity in men, study finds. (40:17)
  •  Mind Pump’s red-light therapy protocols. (41:20)
  • Justin’s tick experience. (44:32)
  • How Sal used injectable glutathione from MP Hormones to beat a cold. (51:15)
  • Shout out to @Lowcostcosplayth. (54:23)
  • #ListenerLive question #1 – Should I be concerned with weight, number of calories and/or workout intensity in order to keep my cycle? (55:31)
  • #ListenerLive question #2 – Why I am experiencing terrible sleep, massive headaches, and low energy when cutting from an extended bulk? (1:08:17)
  •  #ListenerLive question #3 – How can I reset my gut and brain health after being a heavy drinker for over 25 years? (1:21:56)
  •   #ListenerLive question #4 – What are some other ways I can help my clients improve their positions/posture and not feel like I’m wasting their time? (1:43:05)

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