2164: The Truth About Becoming Muscle Bound, Ways to Fix Front Shoulder Pain, the Pros & Cons of Training Barefoot & More (Listener Live Coaching)

In this episode of Quah (Q & A), Sal, Adam & Justin coach four Pump Heads via Zoom. Email if you want to be considered to ask your question on the show.

  • Mind Pump Fit Tip: Do you suffer from fatigue, brain fog, reduced athletic performance, flat muscles, chronic headaches, and/or lightheadedness? You might need to increase salt. (1:38)

  • Previewing ‘A Day in the Life’ featuring the Mind Pump employees. (13:03)

  • Two things that can help you survive if you have a wound. (21:09)

  • John Wick is a Mind Pump favorite. (26:55)

  • A popular medication that has been shown to DRAMATICALLY improve recovery. (30:24)

  • A conversation on the current state of the markets and the impact of creating 15-minute cities. (37:05)

  • Fun Facts with Justin: The Great Wall of China. (49:34)

  • Entera works! (52:42)

  • Shout out to An0maly. (56:14)

  • #ListenerLive question #1 – Would you recommend using creatine if I’m trying to cut weight for an upcoming jiu-jitsu tournament? (58:16)

  • #ListenerLive question #2 – How can I train for power and endurance and avoid the training that would give me big bulky muscles? (1:10:44)

  • #ListenerLive question #3 – Which exercises from MAPS Prime and Prime Pro would you recommend for front shoulder pain that occurs when reaching behind your back? (1:19:25)

  • #ListenerLive question #4 – Is there a certain level of strength where you could be lifting too heavy for it to be safe or good for you to go barefoot? (1:29:21)

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