2165: How To Address Your Food Sensitivities With Dr. Stephen Cabral

  • What is a food sensitivity and how is it different than an allergy? (3:30)

  • The different types of immune responses, how they can affect the body, and the importance of choosing the right test. (4:50)

  • Why you must solve the root issue of WHY you are developing these issues and now just remove the food. (16:17)

  • Are gut issues more prevalent today than at any other time? (21:32)

  • Revealing the guy’s food sensitivity test results and how to read them. (24:08)

  • Doug. (25:12)

  • Adam. (27:31)

  • Justin. (30:36)

  • Sal. (35:49)

  • The impact of chronic stress on your gut wall. (42:58)

  • How to eliminate certain foods and how to ease them back into the diet through food challenges. (44:33)

  • How to get this test. (47:38)

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