2269: The Best Workout & Diet for a Granite Hard Look, Ways to Address Low Back Pain When Squatting, How to Build Muscle After Gastric Sleeve Surgery & More (Listener Live Coaching)

In this episode of Quah (Q & A), Sal, Adam & Justin answer four Pump Head questions from  the Sunday @mindpumpmedia Quah post.

  • Mind Pump Fit Tip: If you want to be PROUD of your age, START lifting weights. (2:18)

  • How the atmosphere in the gym has changed so much. (14:04)

  • The unplugged vs. plugged in. (17:57)

  • Being prepared for California winter storms. (25:00)

  • When boundaries don’t exist within different cultures. (30:14)

  • Taking ownership as a parent. (42:40)

  • Getting recognized in sponsor commercials. (48:11)

  • The science behind Zbiotics. (50:12)

  • There is a need in the market for somebody to teach trainers how to build and scale a business. (51:58)

  • Shout out to the Arnold Sports Festival! (56:41)

  • #ListenerLive question #1 – How can I fix a weak squat? (57:44)

  • #ListenerLive question #2 – How should you eat after gastric sleeve surgery to build muscle? (1:12:02)

  • #ListenerLive question #3 – What should I expect in terms of muscle-building potential? (1:22:41)

  • #ListenerLive question #4 – What’s the best workout and diet to get that granite hard look? (1:35:32)

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