Ep. 103- Food Bullying & Food Marketing Nutrition Myths with Michele Payne

Please welcome my guest Michele Payne, author of “Food Truths” and her new book “Food Bullying” releasing Nov. 5th! Get ready for an episode for YOU- time to clear the confusion and give you the truth about food and food marketing! In this episode we discuss:

-What is food bullying and “Bull speak”? What are the different types of food bullying? How does food bullying effect us and our decisions?

-What are the motivators to food bullying?

-How do companies target our brain in manipulating our purchase decisions?

-How does the food industry thrive on food bullying, and what can consumers do to educate themselves and sift through the marketing and claims?

-What are the top food claims that are bull speak that you see?

-How should someone go about “shoulding” with purchasing and eating food- what they think “should” be in their carts?

-How do you stop from being a food marketing victim?

-Your book- your favorite part about it, where people can purchase, and where/how they can find/follow you

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