EP110: Client Interview with Pernell Waugh: A 180 Shift in Mindset & Health

In this interview, I sit down with one of my current clients, Pernell Waugh.

Pernell and I began working together when he was 10 years removed (and 100+ lbs heavier) from the last time he really spent any time working out or putting any emphasis on his health and fitness.

To make matters worse, Pernell came to me following a major arm surgery, limiting his capabilities in the gym. Additionally, his knees were in such rough shape that even kneeling down was difficult and painful.

Fast forward 8 months, Pernell is a completely different person inside and out. He’s the strongest he’s been in over a decade, and has dropped 6 inches off his waist, lost ~30 lbs, has NO pain in his knees or arms, and is lifting crazy amounts of weight in the gym.

He’s also more confident than he’s ever been, which might be the most impactful component of this transformation that he’s experienced.

So many wins…truly an inspirational person with an inspirational story.

…and he’s just getting started 🙂

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