EP186 How Deep Should I Squat?

Are you getting the squat depth that you want? If not, do you know how you can? It might be different for you than for somebody else. In today’s episode, Rachael and Kelsea discuss squat mechanics. They talk about protecting your spine, squatting below parallel, and committing to proper squat mechanics. Listen in to learn more about what you’ve been wanting to know about squat depth.

Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

  • CVG’s birthday
  • Getting the squat depth that you need
  • Hip crease crossing below the plane of your knee
  • Protecting your spine
  • Squatting below parallel and glute engagement
  • Why flexibility is underrated
  • Conditioning or mobility
  • Checking your ego
  • Committing to proper squat mechanics
  • Why your squat positioning might look different
  • Limitations on range of motion


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