EP196 Improving Energy & Productivity Through Movement

How is brain performance connected with the body’s movement? Today, Rachael and Kelsea are going to talk about that, as well as how you can build and train energy as you would a muscle. Listen to the episode to hear Rachael and Kelsea discuss the impacts of allowing students to move on their academic work, why you should show up for workouts even if you don’t have energy, and the connection between energy levels and sleep.

Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

  • The connection between movement and brain activity
  • The impacts of movement on academics
  • Showing up for workouts whether or not you have energy
  • Thinking of energy like a muscle
  • Training for more energy
  • The correlation between low energy and sleep disorders
  • Why movement is making you smarter
  • Increasing blood flow and oxygen to the brain
  • Uncommon things that produce uncommon results


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