EP214 We HAD To Address This

Gatekeeping fitness is NOT the vibe and never will be. EVERYONE who wants to add health and fitness into their lives deserves to take up space and feel welcomed. On today’s episode Kelsea and Rachael chat about Equinox, a self proclaimed “luxury fitness club” who decided they “Don’t Speak January”. Well, we don’t speak elitism.

Tune in to hear our feels about this policy, the issues with elitism & gatekeeping fitness, and the message we think this “policy” sends to both new and established gym goers.

Other Topics in Today’s Episode:

● Equinox’s January policy

● Gatekeeping in the fitness space

● The way we talk about diet and lifestyle

● How privilege should be used

● Messaging to the people who joined the gym some other day besides New Year’s

● Why people use their phones during gym time

● Taking a step back instead of judging people

● What building new habits can look like

● How someone chooses to take up space is none of your business

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