Fortifying and Empowered Leadership

Mark speaks with Dr. Richard Winters. Richard Winters is a practicing emergency physician and executive coach at Mayo Clinic.

As director of Leadership Development for the Mayo Clinic Care Network.

He facilitates retreats and delivers programs that train leaders at healthcare organizations worldwide.

He has served as managing partner of a democratic physician group, chair of emergency medicine, president of an 800-physician medical staff, and CEO/founder of a managed care startup.

He recently released his book called: You’re the Leader, Now What? Lessons from Mayo Clinic.

Key Takeaways:


  • GROW Model for Coaching: Coaching is a hugely helpful skill for leaders and managers in the world of work. The GROW model, which stands for Goals, Reality, Options, and Will, is a wonderful tool for coaching and setting clear guidelines for yourself to gain momentum and traction toward your goals.


  • Expert’s Role: Experts are a powerful resource when there is a unique issue that is specific in nature. As a leader, there are many situations where you or your team may know what to do. However, if there is an out-of- the-box need or want, calling in an expert can be one of the best ways to learn and develop both horizontally and vertically.


  • Immunity to Change: Finding out what you as an individual and or your organization are making assumptions about and then testing if the assumptions have validity allows growth and change. Often there are assumptions being made in communications or direction due to unconscious bias. Understanding that we all have blind spots, leaders need to constantly investigate what assumptions are being made and test them for validity.


  • Different Types of Leaders: There are leaders that are great in chaos and making decisions when things are rapidly changing. Then there are leaders who are wonderful at reaching out to colleagues to discuss and collaborate on changes that need to be made. The best type of leader can do both. However, it is not often you find the two qualities in one person.