Vitamin C: Oral vs. Intravenous, Immune Effects, Cancer, Exercise Adaptation & More

In this episode, Dr. Rhonda Patrick discuss all things vitamin C. This episode covers oral bioavailability, intravenous vitamin C bioavailability, immune cell function, common cold and other viral infections, lung function, sepsis, pneumonia, inflammation, intravenous vitamin C and cancer, role in exercise, safety concerns, and so, so much more!

Episode Timeline (abridged)

  • 00:07:33 – Background on vitamin C
  • 00:17:09 – Bioavailability of vitamin C [including dosing frequency]
  • 00:22:53 – Vitamin C in the context of the common cold
  • 00:28:09 – Vitamin C and lung function
  • 00:35:54 – Vitamin C in the context of exercise [includes discussion of blunting of exercise adaptation]
  • 00:45:51 – Vitamin C and fatty acid oxidation, including relevance in obesity
  • 00:48:44 – Vitamin C and the brain 
  • 00:51:15 – Intravenous Vitamin C and its use for the treatment of certain kinds of infection
  • 00:55:33 – Intravenous Vitamin C and cancer
  • 00:57:40 – Effect of Vitamin C on fertility and reproduction
  • 00:58:36 – Intravenous vitamin C and cardiovascular health
  • 01:00:42 – Vitamin C and inflammation
  • 01:02:38 – Vitamin C’s mechanisms of action 
  • 01:08:34 – Intravenous and Oral vitamin C safety
  • 01:10:20 – Vitamin C intake and kidney stone risk
  • 01:13:57 – Conclusions

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