Unique #FitDad Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is closely approaching! If you’ve been locked in with a dad for months now, you’re likely thinking of getting him some new running shoes to get him to finally leave the house, just enough time to catch a break from all the dad jokes!

But… you must resist!

We’ve compiled a list of fun, unique gift ideas for the fit dad in your life, whether he is a beginner or seasoned athlete (or at least, thinks he is!)


  1. Picture it… your dad loves pizza.  But he also loves to workout! Combine the two and viola… introducing the pizza bumper plates from Fringe Sport!  Genius!


      2.  The perfect tee for every dad out there lifting both weights and kids! These are from Dad Bod Apparel & we’ve picked out favorite two here:

Dumbells Deadlifts & Diapers

Barbell Bench Press & No Rest



      3. Are you even a dad if you aren’t complaining about a different bodily ache every other week? Now dad can finally use what the champions use, so he’ll have no excuse: Beam CBD products! There are so many items to choose from: oils, powders, and creams. You can always go the safe route & get dad a sample pack because that will likely stop the complaining for about a couple weeks!


4.  The gift that keeps on giving… a subscription to Gainz Box .   We love this idea because dad gets a new box every month!


5. For the dads who have everything.. I bet they don’t have the new Nanos yet! These new Nano X Reebok shoes are perfect for the shoe enthusiast. Also buy this is there is a weird smell coming from dad’s closet & you suspect it may be coming from his old workout shoes.


7.  World’s Best Dad Protein Shaker Bottles from Etsy. There are so many other great ones on there, but here are two of our favorites: World’s Greatest Dad and Dad Bod Loading


8.  Show dad just how LEGENDARY he really is with these cool sweat-activated tees…because the only thing better than a regular dad, is a sweaty dad!

9.  The only thing a fit dad loves more than working out, is eating!! With bbq season fast approaching, grab dad a cool apron so he can keep on grilling all summer long! BONUS: this gift will also benefit you. YUM! Here are two of our favorites: